Posted in: Living Moving Posted on: Jan 1st, 2015

Your Cheat Sheet to Moving to Lexington, Kentucky

If you’ve recently decided that you will be moving to Lexington, KY, you’re likely anxious and wondering how you will make this transition. Will you rent a truck? How will you move your possessions? Is there an efficient way to pack and unpack to make the process easier? Fortunately, there are several things one can do to improve the moving process, and this step by step guide will take you through each.

Keep Safety in Mind

Carrying heavy boxes and lifting furniture can be extremely physically-demanding tasks. Not only will you need to unload trucks and carry your possessions, you will also likely need to maneuver through narrow hallways and avoid potentially dangerous mattress and couches through stairwells and doorways.

Pulling your back or breaking a limb is the last thing you want to do on move-in day. So to avoid a visit to the chiropractor, remember to bend from your knees and avoid lifting boxes with your back. If you feel that you cannot safely accomplish this, don’t overexert yourself. Instead, consider hiring a professional moving service such as Wildcat Moving. Although these companies will certainly cost more than if you were to go the do it yourself route, they do alleviate common risk factors.

Unpacking the Correct Way

Unpacking may seem simple enough. But if you’ve ever moved before, you probably remember how stressful it can be when certain items are misplaced. First, take the unpacking process one room at a time. Avoid setting up your bedroom and kitchen at the same time unless you’d like to find a loaf of bread in your nightstand. Second, make sure you set up your furniture first so that you have somewhere place belongings such as sheets and clothes.

Returning Your Truck

Finding a place to return the moving truck once you’re finally living in Lexington can be an added hassle. What happens if the moving company doesn’t have a location in the city, or perhaps there is a return location in the area, but you don’t have a ride back to your home? While you could work with an independent rental truck service, U-Haul Moving & Storage of Lexington is a convenient option.

Finding a Storage Facility

If you’ve found that some belongings or pieces of furniture simply don’t look right in your new home, consider finding a storage facility to keep them, especially if you know for sure that you’ll need them in the future. While you could always sell extra belongings at a yard sale, this may not be an option if you’d like to keep sentimental items and seasonal clothes. Lexington Mini Storage on Bryant Road and Space Center Storage, with two locations at Richmond Plaza and East New Circle Road, are both highly rated storage options in the city.

Living in Lexington

Once you’ve established your new residence, you now have the chance to explore all that the city has to offer. History buffs will enjoy Ashland: The Henry Clay Estate, and those who like a day at the park will find that the city is home to several equestrian events held throughout the year. Whatever your hobby, we hope that you will remember this site down the road for more information about events and other things to do in town.