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Make Lexington Even Better By Becoming a Volunteer!

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If you are living in Lexington, KY, then you know what a great city it is. But did you know it can get even better? With your help, you can improve Lexington and its surrounding areas in small but meaningful ways. If you’re new to the area, volunteer work is a great way to familiarize yourself with the community while helping to improve the lives of others. For a closer look at some of the best volunteer opportunities available in Lexington, check out the guide below.

Parks and Recreation

Doing your part to make public spaces better is a wonderful way to have a positive impact on the community. By volunteering at McConnell Springs, you ensure that the experience of the park is the best it can be for everyone. Part of this involves using your time and efforts at various events that take place within the park, including the Little Goblins Halloween event for families. By being a part of the setup and breakdown teams for events like this, you not only maximize the fun factor for young kids, but you also help instill within them a love for the outdoors.

Helping Seniors

Senior citizens have contributed greatly to society, so it only makes sense to take care of them in their later years. As a volunteer with the local chapter of Elder Helpers, you can lend a hand to seniors in your community who need it. This could be in the form of acting as their driver, cooking for them, cleaning their houses, helping with errands and handiwork, or simply being there to provide entertainment. Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated, and can go a long way towards making an elderly person’s day that much brighter.

Fighting Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s Disease affects millions of families across the country, and it’s important that we collectively raise awareness about it in an attempt to secure funds for researching for a cure. One way you can do this is by becoming a volunteer for The Bourbon Chase. This 200-mile road race is a massive undertaking, meaning there are plenty of ways for you to get involved. Proceeds from this event go towards the Alzheimer’s Association, as well as other great charities, like CASA, Susan G. Komen, and the Hospice of the Bluegrass.

Junior Achievement

There’s no question that the younger generation needs people to inspire them to greatness. But in order for them to go on to great things, they need your help first. As a volunteer with Junior Achievement of the Bluegrass, you can teach children how to be fiscally responsible in the modern world, while giving you the opportunity to share your experiences. Training and curriculum is provided for these positions, so all you need to bring is your enthusiasm for teaching kids.

This is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of volunteer opportunities for those living in Lexington. After you’ve assessed which of your talents and skills you would like to volunteer, get in touch with these organizations to see where you fit in best!