Posted in: Living Posted on: Apr 23rd, 2015

Furnished Housing in Lexington

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Moving is stressful, but it’s even more stressful when you know your move is temporary. Should you stay in an extended stay hotel? Sign a short-term lease? Sublet? This guide to short-term housing in Lexington, KY, will help you through the process:

Why Short-Term, Furnished Housing?

Short-term, furnished housing completely eliminates the need to move furniture. Moving takes a lot of time and preparation… and when it’s time to move out, you have to do it all over again. It can get expensive, too, especially if you need to rent a truck or hire a moving company to transport large items. If you’re renting a furnished apartment in Lexington KY, all you need to bring are your clothes, toiletries and other essentials, and maybe a few decorations to make your new place feel more like home. Living in a furnished apartment is also a lot less expensive than staying in a hotel. It doesn’t get any better than that.

There’s No Place like Home

Although you have all the essential furniture you need, you can make your new apartment feel more like home by dressing it up with a few decorative touches. You might want to bring things you already own, like lighting fixtures, bedding, artwork, and throw pillows, as long as these items are small enough to fit in your car and don’t take up much space. When you arrive at your new home, visit some local furniture stores to pick up similar decor, maybe even an accent chair, a bookshelf, or a side table. Burke Furniture has a wide selection of furniture and accessories for every room, as does Oak Factory. If you’re on a budget, visit Lexington Overstock Warehouse or poke around Craigslist.

Get to Know Lexington

Lexington is set up like a wheel with spokes and is fairly easy to navigate. The city operates a bus service with routes that serve downtown and the surrounding areas and a trolley service that operates downtown. If you have a car, make sure you know the rules and regulations when it comes to parking. Lexington is home to several colleges and universities, a fact that influences the dining and nightlife scene downtown. The Lexington tourism website has a great Top Ten list and tourism itineraries that take care of the planning for you.


Living in a furnished apartment means you have access to a kitchen, so make the most of it by stocking up on food and supplies at your local grocery stores, like Kroger, The Fresh Market, and Whole Foods Market. Cooking is rewarding, but it’s nice to treat yourself to a delicious meal at a restaurant every once in a while. There are more than 100 locally owned and operated restaurants in Lexington to choose form.

Furnished housing has a lot of benefits, including cost and convenience. Your new apartment requires little set-up time, allowing you to feel at home faster and spend more time getting to know Lexington.